Plug-in Smart Meter Dimmer Module

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The ZWN-323M-PLUS is a Dimmer Module with Z-Wave technology. The left receptacle is “always ON” and the right receptacle is Z-Wave controlled. For the advanced users, the functions are programmable for setting scenes, associations and scheduling events. Z-Wave hub is required to control this device.

• Dim lamps and LED lights without the need for wiring. Plugs into any Grounded receptacle.
• Wireless Z-Wave technology creates a mesh network for command and control interoperability
with other Z-Wave compliant controllers and devices
• Remotely control of any connected load
• Manual ON/OFF button conveniently located at the front of the device
• Reduce energy consumption and enjoy wireless home automation with Smart Meter monitoring
• Over Current and Short Circuit protection up to 15A
- UL & CUL Listed
- FCC Compliant

- Model Number: ZWN-323M-PLUS

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