Introduction to Enerlites

Enerlites is a leading manufacturer of innovative sensors, USB charging receptacles, lighting controls, and wiring devices with over twenty years of experience in design and manufacturing. Our product line includes more than 50 patented devices with cutting-edge technology to ensure high energy efficiency and quality.

At Enerlites, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of electrical and lighting solutions through continuous innovation. Our commitment lies in developing groundbreaking products and technologies that redefine industry standards, enhance energy efficiency, and elevate user experiences. By combining cutting-edge design, advanced engineering, and a deep understanding of customer needs, we strive to deliver innovative solutions that empower our customers with smart, reliable, and sustainable electrical and lighting solutions.

Our membership in NEMA allows us to play an important role in the wiring devices market. Through our relentless pursuit of innovation, we aim to shape the future of the industry, revolutionize the way people interact with electrical systems, and contribute to a more connected and efficient world.



At Enerlites, we recognize that growth is essential for our success as well as for the benefit of our customers. We embrace a culture of innovation, learning and adaptability that enables us to evolve and thrive in a rapidly changing industry. Advanced precision technology and our teams of highly experienced engineers bring forward-thinking solutions to light.


We focus on delivering attentive service and competitive pricing to all our customers. We are responsive and promptly address customer inquiries and concerns. Our professional demeanor contributes to a positive experience. Customers appreciate our efficient and streamlined processes that ensure a smooth customer journey.


We offer a reliable alternative to leading manufacturers by bringing both inventive products and mainstay lighting control and charging solutions to our distribution partners. We’re working to understand and meet the emerging needs of contractors and we solve felt-needs in the marketplace around sustainability and mobile charging.

A word from our partners

During a time in the industry when the supply chain is bottlenecked, and resources are scarce, Enerlites has always had the supply we need to fulfill our customer’s needs. The end user is ecstatic with the product’s functionality and price point. This combined with Enerlites’ excellent customer service has transitioned them to one of our main suppliers.

Brandon A.

Since we began working with Enerlites in 2009, we have not had to return any items because they have never had a defective product. The quality of their products and customer service truly speaks for itself.
Debby A.
Sales Representative