Commercial Lighting & Controls in Industrial Applications

Warehouse lighting is more than just illumination – it promotes a safe work environment, boosts productivity, and reduces operational costs.

Lighting accounts for the largest percentage of energy consumption in a warehouse. In order to decrease operational costs and improve your return on investment, having an effective energy management plan is crucial. The good news is, we can help. Enerlites offers the right solutions to promote a productive and safe work environment, reducing energy costs while addressing energy code requirements and improving energy efficiency.

Most warehouse operations managers think of lighting as an afterthought. However, investing in energy efficient wiring devices can significantly decrease power expenses. Whether you’re retrofitting older spaces or constructing a new warehouse, we have solutions for a variety of applications such as High Bay Ceiling Sensors, Industrial Grade Receptacles, and Floor Boxes. Enerlites wiring devices and lighting solutions are UL Listed, meet national building code and LEED requirements, and comply with California Title 24 conditions.

   High Bay Sensors

Enerlites Ceiling Sensor Switches work on a simple approach—when you pass into or out of a sensor zone, the motion detector triggers the lights. Lights are kept on as long as occupancy is detected. After a set time delay and no motion/occupancy is detected, the lights automatically turn off. Combining Passive Infrared (PIR) and ultrasonic technologies, these Lighting Sensors, mounted on the ceiling, have an unobtrusive appearance that blends discretely into the ceiling.

Our High Bay Ceiling Sensors are perfect for lighting management in industrial spaces with ceiling heights ranging from 8 feet to 50 feet. High bay applications include spaces such as warehouses, distribution centers, gymnasiums, and areas with direct access to the lighting fixtures, specifically for indoor locations. Providing 360 degrees coverage, these ceiling mount sensors incorporate self-adaptive technology that eliminates the need for manual adjustments.

Implementing controlled lighting with the use of occupancy and vacancy sensors, facilities can quickly and easily save thousands of dollars annually. Additionally, the reduced run time extends the calendar life of the lamps in the fixtures, minimizing both lamp replacement costs and maintenance costs for replacing burned-out lamps.

   Locking Devices

Enerlites locking devices are the ideal solution for making safe electrical connections between loads and power sources in industrial and warehouse applications. These heavy-duty devices feature a locking interface that is engaged and disengaged by simply rotating the device, preventing accidental disconnection of critical equipment. Our locking devices are made with high-impact and chemical resistant nylon, making them tough enough to withstand even the most demanding environments. 

Additionally, our locking devices are UL listed, meet national building codes, making them an ideal choice for compliance-conscious businesses. Whether you need a locking device for a receptacle or plug, Enerlites has the perfect NEMA configuration for you. Contact us today to learn more about our locking devices and how they can help improve safety in your workplace.


Receptacles are an essential part of any commercial or industrial building. They provide a safe and convenient way to connect electrical equipment and lighting fixtures to the power supply. However, not all receptacles are created equal. Receptacles designed for heavy-duty use, such as those found in warehouses and other industrial applications, must be able to withstand higher levels of stress and wear. As a result, they are often made from tougher materials and have more robust wiring. 

Enerlites 6-15R industrial receptacles are made of high-impact, chemical, and heat resistant smooth polycarbonate thermoplastic with an easy to clean surface so you won’t have to worry about dirt and grime buildup over time. Screw terminal guards provide fast, easy insulation from conductive surfaces. Featuring a self-grounding clip, back and side wiring options and a 2-year warranty. 

When selecting receptacles for a commercial or industrial setting, it is important to choose ones that are designed for heavy-duty use. Doing so will help to ensure that they can stand up to the rigors of daily use.

   Floor Boxes

As more and more devices require power and data connections, the need for floor box systems has increased in commercial and industrial spaces. ​​Enerlites floor box assembly with a tamper-resistant, GFCI receptacle is ideal for industrial applications that can withstand heavy use and traffic. The device features 20A tamper-resistant duplex receptacles, which include internal shutters to prevent the insertion of foreign objects. The floor box easily pops up for easy access to power; simply snap the cover closed when not in use. This receptacle is perfect for wiring warehouses, industrial applications, and other high-traffic areas. Plus, it can be used within finished floors made of all sorts of materials, including wood, tile, vinyl, carpet and concrete. 

Floor box systems are ideal for warehouse and industrial settings, where there is a need for multiple receptacles and wiring. They are also increasingly being used in office and retail spaces, as they provide a clean and professional look. Whether you’re looking to add outlets to an existing space or plan on new construction, Enerlites’ floor box systems are an efficient way to provide power and data connectivity.