Commercial Lighting & Controls in Hospitality Applications

Elevating Service-Driven Spaces to Create a Lasting Impression

Enerlites designs and delivers scalable lighting and wiring solutions for all aspects of the hospitality industry. Whether remodeling an existing facility or designing a new one entirely, our advanced products will create comfortable, innovative rooms while helping to reduce energy usage. Our high-quality, competitively priced wiring devices are accessible to builders and designers of all kinds and they are perfect for hotels, motels, Airbnbs, and even full-scale resorts.

All Enerlites devices are designed and tested to meet the most stringent industrial building codes and standards from light switches and wall outlets, motion sensors and dimmers. Our devices are all UL listed and often California Title 24 compliant to ensure safety, energy efficiency, and longevity no matter the application. With a wide range of diverse products and color options available, Enerlites devices work well to create any mood or accomplish your interior design vision. We offer top-of-the-line devices for each and every part of your facility from guest rooms to lobbies, kitchens, recreational areas, and parking structures.

  • Guest Rooms

Combining luxury with functionality – Enerlites offers everything needed to create a comfortable and luxurious stay for your guests. In addition to the sweet simplicity of light switches and wall outlets, you can also treat your guests to the pleasures of modern living, such as lighting dimmers, occupancy and vacancy motion sensors, and USB charger outlets. To ensure a cohesive appearance – no matter what kind of aesthetic you are going for – devices are available in various colors, all of which can be purchased with matching wall plates for the perfect look.

  • Hallways/Corridors

Create a sense of ease for your guests by installing occupancy sensors in halls and walkways. Imagine guests walking down a corridor toward their room, hands full from a long day of work or sightseeing, and the lights automatically turn on for them. Not only will motion-activated lighting create a feeling of comfort and convenience for your guests, but it will also conserve energy by ensuring the lights are only turned on when they are needed. When no motion has been detected, the lights shut back off all on their own.

  • Meeting Halls

Whether it’s a countdown timer switch, USB wall outlet, datacom connection, or floor box receptacle, Enerlites offers everything needed to create a comfortable and efficient common area. Deck out your lobby, conference room, or meeting hall with our state-of-the-art wiring devices for a taste of modern convenience. Our products are also available in stylish, matching colors so that your wall switches, outlet receptacles, and wall plates are unified in an attractive, cohesive aesthetic.

  • Restaurant and Dining Areas

Create the perfect brunch or dinner ambiance for your guests with full range dimmer switches. From on-site restaurants to casual dining halls, a mundane meal can quickly become a memorable occasion when the lighting is top notch. Suit your kitchen with 3-way light switches, motion sensors, and countdown timers to keep your kitchen staff operating as smooth as possible.

  • Recreational Areas

Don’t forget about recreational areas! Add safety to pool areas, tennis courts, and on-site gyms with motion-activated or timed lighting. Automated lighting allows you to expand the potential usage hours for your guests so that they can feel safe on their late-night swim or early-morning workout. Automating lighting also ensures that lights are only on when they are in use – saving significant money on your electricity bills for less commonly used areas.

  • Parking Structures

Enerlites even has project solutions for your facility’s parking areas. Install high bay ceiling sensors for automated lighting or weatherproof receptacle cover for a variety of possible needs. You can even offer electric car charging with heavy-duty NEMA-rated receptacles to ensure that all of your guests’ vehicles are accommodated.

With over 50,000 hotels, motels, Airbnbs, and resorts in the United States competing for your business, let our lighting controls and wiring devices help improve your margins while attracting more customers to your modern features. With endless travel and review sites for guests to visit, make your property stand out with energy-efficient motion sensors, USB electrical outlets, and other eco-friendly devices. Give your guests the convenience of dimming their lights for the perfect mood or plugging their phone directly into a USB wall port. Not only can you upgrade guest rooms, but we also have lighting solutions for all areas of your property, hallways, corridors, lobbies, restaurants, and even parking lots to create functional and energy-efficient spaces.

Our in-house design engineers can help support your hospitality design needs. From a single guest room to an entire campus of facilities, Enerlites provides you the ability to integrate scalable lighting systems, access controls and reduce electrical waste. Whether you are remodeling for efficiency or in the early planning stages of building construction, the Enerlites team can help.

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