Project Lighting Solutions in Commercial Properties

Elevating Service-Driven Spaces to Create a Lasting Impression

Commercial buildings represent over 87 billion square feet of space in the United States. According to the Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey (CBECS) report, commercial buildings are defined as anything greater than 1,000 square feet and devote more than 50 percent of their space to activities that are not manufacturing, agricultural, industrial or residential. With so much square footage available for use, it brings a myriad of opportunities to improve old buildings through retrofits and implement energy-saving lighting controls. According to the report, commercial buildings consume 36% of all electricity making them one of the largest generators of Greenhouse gases in the world.

Enerlites has solutions to help with energy conservation and reduce operating costs. Much of the energy consumed can also be looked at in the terms of just how much is being wasted, when are employees, computers, and equipment not being utilized. A well-planned lighting retrofit can help reduce energy usage by 60%. As a builder, not only will our products help reduce long-term energy consumption for your clients, but will also save you money in your build costs. All products are UL listed and comply with California Title 24.

   Office Building

You can improve a business’ bottom line by implementing responsive lighting and energy controls. Sensors, dimmers, and timers aid with lighting management. Enerlites takes energy efficiency a step further with Wireless Plug Load Control. The PL20R and PLBPC are control devices to help make plug load controls easy to implement, operate and comply with California Title 24 requirements. Furthermore, adding floor-boxes to workspaces allow for more customizability and safety.

   Retail Industry

Create the perfect ambiance for your guests with our full-range dimmer switches. From on-site restaurants to casual dining halls, a mundane meal can quickly become a memorable occasion when the lighting is top-notch. Suit your kitchen with 3-way light switches, motion sensors, and countdown timers to keep your kitchen staff operating as smoothly as possible. Retail lighting does much more than simply illuminating a space; it set’s the mood of your entire storefront.

   Health Care Centers

Enerlites portfolio of energy management and electrical solutions caters to the needs of a highly dynamic healthcare industry that has been transformed by a rising dependency on technology, a stringent regulatory climate, and increased scrutiny of care quality and overall patient experience. Dimmers and USB charger receptacles are ideal for patient rooms to improve the overall inpatient experience by prioritizing comfortability regardless of their stay duration. Enerlites hospital-grade receptacles ensure a greater contact tension, minimizing any chance of medical or life equipment being disconnected due to the attachment plug slipping out of the receptacle.

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