360° Wireless Plug Load Control PIR Occupancy Ceiling Sensor

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The ENERLITES PLBPC is a wireless ceiling mount sensor that operates lights using passive infrared (PIR) technology. The sensor can connect to a maximum of 6 plug load control receptacles and it features a 360° field of view with a 24 ft. diameter range. This ceiling mounted sensor operates lights ON/OFF based on occupancy detected in the area. The occupancy sensor turns lights ON when motion is detected and OFF when no motion is detected for a 30-minute time delay. The sensor also includes a manual override button that can be used to turn devices off before the time delay. The ceiling sensor is powered by two AA lithium batteries for easy installations.

- Passive Infrared Technology (PIR)

- 360° field of view, up to 24ft radius

- Sensor standby current: 200uA

- Wireless current: 5 mA

- Operates in a quiet 315MHz

- Controls 120VAC split receptacles

- Can pair up to 6 plug load control receptacles

- Operation Temperature: 32°F to 131°F (0°C to 55°C)

- Powered by 2 AA lithium batteries

- UL & CUL Listed

- Title 24 Compliant

- Model Number: PLBPC

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