ENERLITES dimmers allow users to adjust lights to desired lighting levels in residences, offices, schools, hotels, stores, restaurants, and other types of facilities. ENERLITES offers a variety of dimming control options for single gang boxes, including single and three-way decorator-style slide dimmers, touch plate dimmers, and basic rotary-style dimmers.

ENERLITES Dimmers optimize system task lighting in residential and commercial environments. A wide range of incandescent, fluorescent, and magnetic low-voltage dimming control products are available from ENERLITES. These products offer personal point of control and allow users to create the perfect ambience.

ENERLITES in-wall dimmers come in a wide variety of models:

• Traditional Slide Dimmers

• Traditional Rotary Dimmers

• Decorator Dimmers

In addition to providing precise and dependable illumination settings, dimmers also help conserve energy wherever they are installed.

By turning lighting on and off rapidly, dimmers reduce the energy consumption and increase the bulb’s life. Dimming your lights by a quarter increases your savings by approximately 20 percent. Dimming your lights by half increases your savings by approximately 40 percent! Lamp life is also extended up to 20 times when it is dimmed by half of its rated wattage.