Utilize natural light to regulate indoor ambiance. Enerlites Daylight Harvesting Sensor measures the total amount of present light, natural and artificial lux levels, in a given space and dims the controlled lighting to conserve energy. When there is little to no daylight contribution, controlled lighting will increase back to its maximum level. An ideal solution to meet ASHRAE 90.1 standards and CA Title 24 codes. 

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Interior of modern meeting room with white and wooden walls, concrete floor and long conference table with black metal chairs. Red glass doors.



Save Energy

Automatic indoor lighting ON/OFF and dimming control based on the amount of ambient light in a given space. 24V Input, 0-10V Output. Factory calibrated to 140 ft. candles.

Easy Installation

Self-contained (No Power Pack). Requires no additional components or additional programming. 15-Minute Installation Time. Pair with a dimmer and/or motion sensor for additional control.

Improve Ambiance

Daylight harvesting technology strives to achieve this optimal color temperature and rendition to provide visual stimulation for health, well-being and productivity.

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