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Enerlites dimmers offer users precise control over their lighting environment, allowing them to create the perfect ambiance for any setting. With energy-efficient features that help reduce energy consumption and extend bulb lifespan, Enerlites dimmers are a smart choice for both optimizing lighting and promoting sustainability. Experience the benefits of Enerlites dimmers and transform your space with customizable lighting control today.

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Precise Lighting Control

Enerlites dimmers offer users unparalleled control over their lighting environment. With our wide range of dimming control options, including slide dimmers, touch plate dimmers, and rotary dimmers, users can easily adjust the lighting levels to their desired ambiance. 

Energy Efficiency

By dimming the lights, users can significantly reduce energy consumption. For example, dimming lights by a quarter can result in approximately 20 percent savings, while dimming them by half can increase your savings by approximately 40 percent. This not only reduces energy bills but also contributes to a more sustainable environment. 

Extend Bulb Lifespan

When you dim your lights by half of their rated wattage, you can extend the life of the bulbs up to 20 times. This not only reduces the frequency of bulb replacements, which saves money in the long run but also reduces waste. It’s a cost-effective solution that promotes sustainability and convenience.


The Enerlites 57006 is a wall dimmer switch designed to control dimmable lights. This dimmer switch features two user-friendly vertical sliders that can easily adjust the lights. This dimmer works with up to 300 watts of dimmable LED/CFL or incandescent/halogen, allowing you to control multiple bulb types on the same circuit.

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