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Enerlites wide selection of durable floor boxes offer customers flexible and personalized solutions to accommodate various power and data-com needs. Enclosures are equipped with watertight gaskets and corrosive-resistant hardware.  They are constructed with a rugged cover to protect the box from wear-and-tear and are designed to easily mount into a variety of surfaces such as wood, carpet, tile, concrete, granite, and marble.

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Unrivaled Performance

Customizable internal features allow for use with tamper and weather-resistant receptacles, USB ports, GFCI outlets, and data ports. The gaskets included are watertight and resistant to corrosion, ensuring safety and reliability.

Sleek Design

Constructed to blends seamlessly in commercial, residential, indoor, and outdoor environments. Variety of floor box option available in stylish stainless steel, nickel plated brass, brass, or gold finish making for the perfect match to any room flooring or surface.

Installation Surfaces

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