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At Enerlites, we provide a comprehensive solution for modern lighting control needs with our range of Low Voltage Switches and Dimmers. Our Low Voltage Switches enable control of up to 4 loads using conventional low voltage wiring, while our Low Voltage LED Dimmers enhance control over 0-10V dimmable LEDs. These dimmers seamlessly integrate with motion and daylight sensors, ensuring intelligent lighting adjustments and energy efficiency.

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Enerlites low voltage switch and dimmer

Low Voltage Switches

LVS-101, LVS-102, LVS-103, LVS-104

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Enerlites Low Voltage Switches are lighting control devices that use conventional point-to-point low voltage wiring for control of up to 4 loads. Provides a momentary contact that is intended for use with compatible low voltage relay panels or similar lighting control panels or devices.

Low Voltage Dimmers

LVD-101, LVD-102

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Upgrade your lighting control with Enerlites’ Low Voltage LED Dimmers, ideal for 0-10V dimmable LEDs. When paired with LV-CAT5 and the MPP-24 Power Pack, these dimmers ensure reliable 24V power and integrate seamlessly with motion and daylight sensors for intelligent lighting adjustments.

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