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Enerlites’ in-wall USB receptacles are engineered to incorporate the latest USB charging features and come in a variety of configurations for both residential and commercial applications. USB outlets are now available in 5A and Power Delivery (PD) options, all of which feature advanced smart chips to detect devices’ power needs to maximize charging speed and efficiency for devices from Apple, Samsung, Google, LG, and more.

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Enerlites high speed USB power delivery outlets

High-Speed Power Delivery

Enerlites new line of USB Power Delivery (PD) receptacles is designed to meet the evolving power needs of offices and public spaces. These outlets utilize heat-resistant and highly efficient Gallium Nitride (GaN) pumping out high wattage of up to 60W, significantly shortening charging time for larger PD-enabled devices like tablets, laptop computers, and more.

Protection and Safety

Driven to provide safe and certified products is – and always will be – our mission. Enerlites USB receptacles provide overcurrent and heat protection. Moreover, these receptacles feature tamper-resistant shutters to enhance child safety by preventing the insertion of foreign objects.

Future-Proof Design

With the rapid changes in technology, it’s important to choose a USB outlet that can keep pace. Enerlites always incorporate the most advanced and innovative technology for our products – backed with an onsite lab certified for testing to UL standards. 


15A; 125VAC;

Each Type-C Port Max- 3Amps@5V

Duplex Tamper-Resistant<br />
Receptacles with USB Type-A and USB Type-C Ports.<br />
Combined Total of 5A<br />
Charging Power


20A; 125VAC

Each Type-C Port Max- 3Amps@5V

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