1-Set: Banana Keystone Jack Inserts

1-Set: Banana Keystone Jack Inserts

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Enerlites Banana Plug Binding Post Keystone Jack Inserts provide
a simple way to connect speakers across the room or down the
wall. Conceal speaker wire in the wall instead of fastening it to the
baseboard for a secure and professional installation. These
keystone inserts are compatible with wall plates with standard
sized keystone openings including Enerlites data com inserts.

- Banana jack keystone inserts with both red and black ring label connects a speaker cable with a banana plug connector to in wall speaker wire
- Screw type binding post with adjustable thumb screws can be used with banana plugs or bare wire
- Keystone speaker wire coupler with female position both sides can connect to speaker cable concealed behind the wall
- Compatible with Enerlites 1 to 6 Port inserts or Low-Profile Wall Plates

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