180° PIR Occupancy/Vacancy Motion Sensor Wall Switch with Dual Relay, Secured Ground Wire Required, Single Pole

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The ENERLITES DWOS-JD is a dual relay motion sensor wall switch that operates two separate lights using passive infrared (PIR) technology. The motion sensor features a 180° field of view to provide up to 1200 sq.ft. of coverage area. The sensor has 3 modes and operates lights ON/OFF based on occupancy or vacancy in the area. In occupancy mode, lights turn ON automatically when motion is detected, and turn OFF after no motion has been detected for the pre-selected time delay. In vacancy mode, lights must be turned ON manually, and then will turn OFF automatically after no motion has been detected for the pre-selected time delay. In bi-level mode, one lighting fixture is set to occupancy mode while the second lighting fixture is set to vacancy mode. The motion sensor’s time delay can easily be adjusted from 15 seconds to 30 minutes. The device also includes a manual ON/OFF button. This switch is for single pole use only and it is compatible with incandescent, fluorescent, and LED lights. A secured ground wire is required for installation. This device is available in white and ivory color options.

- Dual relay controls two separate loads
- Passive Infrared Technology (PIR)
- 180° field of view, up to 1200 sq.ft.
- Adjustable time delay: 15 sec to 30 min
- Input voltage: 120/277VAC, 60 Hz
- Motor: 1/4 HP @ 120VAC
- Incandescent: 800W @ 120VAC
- Fluorescent: 800VA @ 120VAC / 1600VA @ 277VAC
- LED: 150W
- 2 modes for lighting control: occupancy (auto ON/auto OFF) & vacancy (manual ON/auto OFF)
- Single pole
- Secured ground wire required
- Five-year limited warranty
- UL & CUL Listed
- Title 24 Compliant

- Model Number: DWOS-JD

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