3-Way Auxiliary Switch for Z-Wave Dimmer and ON/OFF Switches

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The ZW3K switch easily adds three-way lighting control to Z-Wave smart switches. This switch allows for single pole Z-Wave devices to be installed in three-way applications in which a single light is controlled from two separate locations, such as in a staircase, hallway, or multi-entrance room. This add-on switch will mirror the same functions as the device that it is paired with. This device is designed for compatibility with the Z-Wave ZW-500DM-PLUS dimmer switch.

• Alexa/Google Home voice control compatible - requires a Z-Wave Hub
• Increased energy efficiency with our Smart Meter Energy Monitoring technology
• Works with all certified Z-Wave devices (backwards compatible)
• Requires in-wall installation with hard-wired connections - neutral wire required
• Compatible with different loads
• Control many devices with a single controller locally, or via a computer/ mobile phone remotely
• Wireless range: up to 100 feet (30 meters)
• Model Number: ZW3K

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