360° High Bay Fixture Mount Line Voltage PIR Occupancy Ceiling Sensor

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The ENERLITES MPC-50H is a commercial grade line voltage high bay ceiling sensor that operates lights using passive infrared (PIR) technology. This unit is specifically designed for high bay and fixture mounted applications and it features interchangeable 360° fresnel lenses that provide up to 1200-2800 sq.ft. of coverage area for ceiling heights from 8-50ft. This ceiling mounted sensor operates lights ON/OFF based on occupancy and ambient light levels detected in the area. The occupancy sensor turns lights ON when motion is detected and OFF when no motion is detected for a pre-selected time delay. Ambient light level detection prevents the occupancy sensor from turning lights ON when the ambient light levels are sufficient. Both the time delay and light level settings can be easily adjusted. This ceiling sensor is compatible with LED, fluorescent, or high bay lights. This ceiling mount motion sensor is ideal for use in warehouses, large storage areas, and other high ceiling and fixture applications.

• Voltage: 120/277 VAC, 50/60 Hz
• Resistive: 10A
• Tungsten: 800W @ 120 VAC
• Electronic Ballast: 800 VA @ 120 VAC;
• 1200 VA @ 277 VAC
• Motor: 1/4 HP @ 120 VAC
• Coverage: 360°
• MPC-50H - L1: 2800 sq. ft.
• MPC-50H - L2: 1200 sq. ft
• Model Number: MPC-50H