4″ Round Blank Metal Weatherproof Cover

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The ENERLITES 7740-WP weatherproof blank cover plate is designed to fit over outdoor receptacles and unused outlets to protect the wiring from moisture, tampering, and outdoor exposure. Made from stainless steel and coated with scratch and corrosion-resistant powder, this round wall plate is non-combustible and easily endures intense outdoor temperatures. The circular wall plate has a 4” diameter and includes an internal rubber gasket, which creates a tight seal to provide year-round weather resistance. The gasket features easy-punch perforations to accommodate different sizes for a water-tight seal in any application. This makes the metal cover plate perfect for a wide range of physically demanding locations, such as warehouses, gazebos, pool houses, residential decks, patios, and more. The smooth finish and contoured edges of this metal round wall plate also make it a safe choice for virtually any outdoor location. This metal blank cover plate fits any 4” round junction box and is designed for quick, easy installation with the included screws. This 4-inch diameter round weatherproof blank cover can replace any wall plate of the same configuration..

- Blank stainless steel wall plate with weatherproof gasket for outdoor applications; metal provides high-impact resistance against heavy force; limit access to wiring due to wall plate breakage associated with nylon and plastic covers
- Corrosion-resistant material & powder coating helps extend wall plate life in outdoor environments; non-combustible and heat resistant to temperatures over 100 degrees
- Easy replacement to any wall plate of the same configuration; dimensions 4.3" diameter height x 3.46" length
- Gray color; premium quality finish for easy cleaning and durable shine

- Model Number: 7740-WP

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