Air Circulator Timer Wall Switch

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The ENERLITES DWTS is an automated timer wall switch for an air-circulating fan. The fresh air fan control offers both a countdown timer and a minutes per hour (MPH) timer. The countdown timer can be set anywhere from 5-60 minutes, and it activates when the fan is manually turned ON. The MPH timer recognizes when the fan was last used and automates it for a pre-selected amount of time after each hour that it is OFF. The MPH timer can be easily adjusted from 5-60 minutes. Automating the fresh air fan hourly helps to expel stale air and maintain good indoor air quality. This device also includes a manual ON/OFF switch for the air circulating fan.

• Fan Time Delay: 5-60 minutes
• Fan Auto Mode: 10-60 minutes
• 1/4 HP (3 Amp) Fan
• Model Number: DWTS