Air Circulator Timer with 180° PIR Motion Sensor Wall Switch

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The ENERLITES DWTOS is a combination device that includes an automated timer switch for an air-circulating fan and a passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor for lighting control. The PIR motion sensor features a 180° field of view to provide up to 600 sq.ft. of coverage area. The sensor has 2 modes and operates lights ON/OFF based on occupancy or vacancy in the area. In occupancy mode, lights turn ON automatically when motion is detected, and turn OFF after no motion has been detected for the pre-selected time delay. In vacancy mode, lights must be turned ON manually, and then will turn OFF automatically after no motion has been detected for the pre-selected time delay. The motion sensor’s time delay can be easily adjusted from 5-30 minutes. The fresh air fan control offers both a countdown timer and a minutes per hour (MPH) timer. The countdown timer can be set anywhere from 5-60 minutes, and it activates when the fan is manually turned ON. The MPH timer recognizes when the fan was last used and automates it for a pre-selected amount of time after each hour that it is OFF. The MPH timer can be easily adjusted from 5-60 minutes. Automating the fresh air fan hourly helps to expel stale air and maintain good indoor air quality. The switch includes manual ON/OFF buttons for both the lights and the fan.

• Light Time Delay: 5-30 minutes
• Fan Time Delay: 5-60 minutes
• Fan Auto Mode: 10-60 minutes
• Coverage: 180°, 600 sq. ft.
• Fan Load
• Resistive: 3A
• Motor: 1/4 HP
• Light Load
• Tungsten: 500W
• Electronic Ballast/LED: 400W/400VA
• Model Number: DWTOS