Antimicrobial Blank Cover One-Gang Metal Wall Plate – Mid-Size

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Made from solid stainless steel, this mid-size blank plate is non-combustible and offers both heat and corrosion resistance. This makes the stainless steel wall plate easy to clean and perfect for both commercial and industrial locations. The wall plate is also made with a silver ion additive to provide antimicrobial properties. Silver ions work on a cellular level, preventing the growth and survival of unwanted microorganisms such as mold, mildew, fungus, and bacteria. This makes for an inherently disinfectant surface, as the frequently-touched device will resist microbial growth.

- Silver ion additive for antimicrobial properties

- Provides extended life span in abusive and corrosive environments

- Contemporary smooth finish and contoured edges enhance installation appearance

- Two year warranty

- UL listed

- Model Number: 7701MA

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