Antimicrobial Industrial Toggle Switch 20A, Single Pole

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The ENERLITES 81201A light switch is a high-quality switch that offers an enhanced aesthetic for residential locations. The wall switch is made from Polycarbonate Thermoplastic material for its long-lasting durability and temperature resistance up to 140℃, which prevents the device from melting or fading. The material also includes an antimicrobial additive containing silver ions. Silver ions work on a cellular level, preventing the growth and survival of unwanted microorganisms such as mold, mildew, fungus, and bacteria. This makes for an inherently disinfectant surface, as the frequently-touched device will resist microbial growth. These qualities make the switch ideal for a wide variety of residential and commercial applications alike.

- Made with silver ion additive for antimicrobial properties; the surface resists the growth of unwanted microorganisms such as mild, mildew, and bacteria

- Motor Rating: 1HP

-Industrial grade ON/OFF toggle switch with shallow body design to fit standard junction boxes

-Replaces any 1-gang wall switch; push-in and side wiring (copper only)

-Made from impact-resistant Polycarbonate Thermoplastic with solid steel components

-Frame dimensions: 3.65” H x 1.30” W x 0.90” D

-Suitable for commercial locations such as offices, schools, stores, shops, restaurants, public facilities, and hotels, as well as residential areas that require 20A switches

-For the best fit and color match, always use ENERLITES wall plates such as the 8811-W, 8811M-W, or 8811O-W toggle switch covers

-White; 20A, 120V/277 VAC

-Single pole use only; option of back wiring (#10-#14 AWG) or side wiring (#12-#14 AWG)

-Self-grounding; break-off plaster yoke tabs


-Model Number: 81201A

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