Audio/Video Connectors Nickel F-Type Coupler Bulkhead, Female to Female

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Enerlites RG6 Coaxial Keystone Jack inserts provide a secure and quick way to connect an RG6 coaxial cable to your wall-mounted UHD TV. These commercial grade inserts provide a time-saving and tidy alternative to running long coax cables across the floor.

- Commercial grade rg6 keystone Jack insert for home theater or high-speed router applications provides quick screw-on connection of an RG6 coax cables
- Sturdy snap in construction of RG6 keystone insert provides a secure connection in a keystone wall plate or a keystone patch panel with standard
- Compatible with Enerlites 1 to 6 Port inserts or Low-Profile Wall Plates

- Model Number: 6102

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