Commercial Grade 20A Tamper and Weather Resistant Duplex Receptacle, 5-20R

Commercial grade receptacles are rated for a variety of standard configurations. Tamper-resistant shutters prevent foreign objects from being inserted into the device. Each duplex receptacle is equipped with break-off tabs to allow for easy alignment and 2-circuit conversion. All duplex receptacles are designed with thermoplastic construction and feature a shallow build for maximum wiring room. Weather-resistant receptacles like this can be installed in wet or damp locations where challenging conditions can cause premature failure due to cracked covers and corrosion.

• 20A-125V 5-20R
• Made of thermoplastic material
• Tamper-resistant receptacle improves child safety – built-in shutter prevents access by most non-rated/foreign objects
• Back wired
• Shallow design for maximum wiring room
• Removable yoke tabs for ideal alignment
• Terminal screws backed out ready for wiring
• Combination Slot/Phillips head mounting and terminal screws ease installation
• 2-year warranty"
• Model Number: 62040-TWR

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