Decorator 0-10V LED Dimmer Single Pole/3-Way

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The Enerlites 55307L 0-10V LED dimmer switch offers advanced dimming capabilities for LED lighting systems. With a smooth and precise control range from 0 to 10 volts, it allows you to adjust the brightness of compatible LED fixtures with exceptional accuracy. Ideal for commercial and industrial settings, this dimmer switch provides versatile lighting control, enabling you to create the perfect atmosphere for various applications. Whether for task lighting or ambient illumination, this switch delivers reliable performance and enhanced energy efficiency, making it an excellent choice for modern lighting designs.

• Provides wider dimming range with low-end and high-end trim option
• Suitable for multi-gang installations
• Dim lighting for increased energy savings
• Designed for compatibility with most high efficiency light bulbs
• Single pole or 3-way functionality when used with a 3-way switch
• 2-year warranty
• Model Number: 55307L