Decorator LED Dimmer Single Pole/3-Way

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The Enerlites 55307 single pole and 3-way LED dimmer switch offers versatile lighting control options for your home or office. Designed to work as either a single-pole dimmer or in conjunction with another switch for 3-way control, this switch provides flexibility to suit different wiring setups. With smooth dimming capabilities specifically tailored for LED lighting, it allows you to adjust brightness levels to create the perfect ambiance for any occasion. Easy to install and operate, this dimmer switch combines convenience with energy efficiency, making it an ideal choice for modern lighting systems.

• 200W Dimmable CFL/LED lights
• 300W Incandescent
• Provides wider dimming range for dimmable LED lights and CFL bulbs than standard incandescent dimmers
• Suitable for multi-gang installations
• Dim lighting for increased energy savings
• Designed for compatibility with most high efficiency light bulbs
• Single pole or 3-way functionality when used with a 3-way switch
• 2-year warranty
• Model Number: 55307