Extra-Duty In-Use Weatherproof Outdoor Cover for Decorator/GFCI Receptacle, Vertical/Horizontal Mount

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The ENERLITES IUC1HV-D is an outdoor horizontal/vertical cover for in-use decorator and GFCI outlets. This weatherproof enclosure is designed to protect outdoor receptacles while they are in use, allowing space for plugs to be connected even when the lid is closed. It protects against year-round weather conditions as well as potential tampering from animals. This 1-gang weatherproof outlet box can be mounted either horizontally or vertically to suit a wide range of outdoor applications. The enclosure features a polycarbonate thermoplastic construction and a high-quality gasket to offer maximum durability and resistance to outdoor elements. This weatherproof enclosure is compatible with any GFCI or decorator-style receptacles or switches, but ENERLITES devices are recommended for the best fit. The cover has a secure lockable tab for added protection, and mounting hardware is included.

• Made of polycarbonate

• Quick fit installs in seconds

• Includes gasket and mounting hardware

• UV resistant, non-corrosive, non-conductive

• 2-year warranty

• Model Number: IUC1HV-D