Indoor Daylight Harvesting Sensor – 24V

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The MPL-010 Indoor Daylight Harvesting Sensor is a 24 volt input, 2-wire photosensor that sends a 0 – 10 volt, analog signal with light level into a lighting control system or building automation system. An ideal solution to meet California Title 24 or ASHRAE 90.1 daylight harvesting needs, this closed-loop photosensor is mounted on the ceiling (with an adhesive pad) pointing downward about 6 to 8 feet from a window. The Fresnel lens provides a precise 60 degree cone of reference and measures the light reflected from the task (floor). This Class 2, low voltage sensor is factory calibrated to 140 foot candles and can send a 0 – 10 volt output signal up to 300 feet. It has a fixed, 15 second, full range time response. Typical applications include offices, lobbies, classrooms and retail locations. Temperature range is -40° to 140°F (-40° to 60°C).

• Input Voltage: 12 - 24VDC
• Indoor Photocell
• Low Output: 0 VDC
• High Output: 10 VDC
• Foot Candle: 0-160FC
• Load Rating: 2mA - 50mA
• Model Number: MPL-010