Type-A and Dual Type-C USB 15A Module

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The ENERLITES USB15L3A2C is an Interchangeable Replacement Module, and it includes a USB Type-A port and dual Type-C ports, that have a total output of 5.8 Amp, 5V, combined with a single 15A tamper-resistant receptacle. The interchangeable module can be used to change the color of the outlet receptacle or to replace a damaged module without having to replace the entire device. The module can easily be changed by anyone without the need for special tools or professional installation, and the circuit breaker can remain on during the module replacement. The USB charger module allows the user to charge up to three USB devices simultaneously without the use of bulky adapters while continuing to power traditional appliances such as a lamp or television with the same receptacle. In compliance with 2017 NEC Article 406.12, this replacement module also includes a single 15 Amp tamper-resistant outlet, which features internal shutters that prevent the insertion of foreign objects into the receptacle. The interchangeable USB modules are designed for quick and easy replacements in high-traffic public areas such as a coffee shop or airport.

• 15A-125V
• Model Number: USB15L3A2C

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