Leveling ring for round floor box covers

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The ENLC001LR PVC leveling ring allows a single-gang duplex receptacle to be mounted inside of an ENERLITES ENLC001 floor box. Part of the ring will extend past the top of the floor box; this is normal. The adapter ring also allows a 4-inch diameter round cover to be mounted when combined with a 5.25″ cover flange. Any ENERLITES 5.75-inch covers can be mounted directly with the leveling ring. The ENLC001LR is only compatible with ENERLITES 4-inch round covers, 5.25-inch flanges, and 5.75-inch round covers.

• Outer diameter: 4.6”
• Inner diameter: 4.25”
• Depth: 1.5”
• Model Number: ENLC001LR