Residential Grade 15A Recessed Tamper-Resistant Single Receptacle

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This recessed receptacle is made of high-impact resistant polycarbonate thermoplastic for a long service life. Its slotted and phillips screw heads offer greater installation flexibility, and the design allows for easy insertion of properly rated plugs. It provides a solution for flush mounting behind TVs, entertainment centers, and more.

• 15A-125V 5-15R
• Made of thermoplastic material
• Tamper-resistant receptacle improves child safety – built-in shutter prevents access by most non-rated/foreign objects
• Optional grounding with self-grounding clip or green terminal screw
• Automatically ground to the metal outlet box
• Break-off tabs for easy two-circuit conversion
• Rear Push-In & Side Wired
• Push-in #14 AWG Cu solid wire for 15A branch circuit only
• Shallow design for maximum wiring room
• Easy-access green hex head grounding screw
• Captive mounting screws
• Removable yoke tabs for ideal alignment
• Large head combination screws for fast wiring
• Terminal screws backed out ready for wiring
• Combination Slot/Phillips head mounting and terminal screws ease installation
• 2-year warranty
• Model Number: 61150-TRRP