Enerlites countdown timer switches and programmable timer switches precisely and conveniently turns off lights and motor loads at the time you set or programmed. Timer switches replace standard switches for energy saving and great convenience, hence it is widely used in indoor and outdoor for the control of lighting, ventilation fans, motors, water pumps, attic fans and filtration systems.


Countdown Timer Switches

Countdown timer switches are perfect for easy-to-forget lights or appliances, such as the bathroom ventilation fan. Set it and forget it – simply press the time delay option and the timer switch will shut off connected appliances when the timer is up!


Programmable Timer Switches

Choose a programmable timer when a certain appliance needs scheduled on/off control, such as outdoor porch lights. A programmable timer switch can even help a home appear occupied when when occupants are on vacation! Whatever the need, Enerlites timer controls are sure to provide an elevated level of convenience and energy savings.