Maximum Charging Efficiency

Enerlites USB Charger Receptacles are well known for its high speed charging and quick charging to multiple devices without adapters. All in wall USB chargers use advanced smart chips to detect devices power need to maximum charging efficiency. As the leading USB Charger manufacturer, Enerlites provides comprehensive in wall fast charging solutions for residential and commercial users. Our USB chargers utilize the latest technology to maximum the charging speed for devices including Apple devices, non-quick charge and quick charge devices such as Galaxy Phone, Quick Charge Mobile Devices including Google phone, Samsung, LG, etc.


Child Safe – Tamper Resistant

All Receptacles has tamper resistant design to promote child safety


Advanced technology including Qualcomm and Type-C

No matter for Apple devices including iPhone, iPad, even for Type-C Macbook, other non-quick charge devices, quick charge devices including LG G5, Galaxy phones, we always have the solution to make charging as fast as the device is allowed


Interchangeable design – Solutions specially for commercial areas

Enerlites produces some wiring devices with interchangeable cover or module design to save money and time. For airports, hotels and business centers, USB charger outlet is easy to be damaged or wear-out. Changing a new unit is costly with the unit cost and installation cost. The most important thing is the time. Enerlites interchangeabel USB module outlet has addressed the hassle. Home owners might find that a new USB charger outlet is needed after a while, or for a new home, with Enerlites interchangeable face cover USB charger outlet, this is not a problem any more!


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