Dimmer Switch for 0-10V LED Lights

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The 51300L is a 0-10V decorator dimmer switch that provides optimal dimming control for 0-10V compatible LED drivers, fluorescent ballast and HID ballast. The 51300L dimmer features a vertical slider for brightness controls and a mini paddle switch to turn lights ON/OFF at any time.

• 120/277 VAC, 60 Hz
• 120 VAC: 6A
• 277 VAC: 3A
• Dimming Control 0-10V
• 30mA maximum sink current
• Provides wider dimming range for dimmable LED lights and CFL bulbs than standard incandescent dimmers
• Suitable for multi-gang installations
• Dimmer switch used to increased energy savings
• Designed for compatibility with most high efficiency light bulbs
• Dual voltage 120/277V for use with LED fixtures using 0-10V power supplies
• Single pole or 3-way functionality when used with a 3-way switch
• 2-year warranty
• Model Number: 51300L