4” Dia. Flush Round Cover Plate with 20A Duplex Tamper & Weather Resistant Receptacle

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ENERLITES 975501-C brass round floor box cover plate can be installed in hardwood, tile, carpet, marble or granite flooring, or countertops. The cover plate lays flush and opens easily with coin-lifted screw plugs. This round cover plate has a 4-inch diameter and requires a junction box for mounting (sold separately). When combined with an ENERLITES PVC floor box and leveling ring, this product can also be installed in concrete slabs. This double screw cap cover comes with one 20A tamper-weather-resistant duplex receptacle, which features internal shutters to prevent the insertion of foreign objects. The watertight gasket and corrosion-resistant hardware ensure a longer product life and reliable performance. This round floor box cover can be used with the ENERLITES floor box trim ring 975509 and recessed flange 975518 (sold separately).