Residential Grade 15A Decorator Style Self-Grounding Tamper-Resistant Duplex Receptacle

Self-grounding tamper-resistant receptacles are made of high-impact resistant polycarbonate thermoplastic for long service lives. The shallow body design is for maximum wiring, with backstab or side options available. Tamper-resistant shutters prevent foreign objects from being inserted into the device. These residential grade receptacles are suitable for use in homes, apartments and condominiums. They are also applicable for commercial use in corporate buildings, hotels, restaurants and locations that only require a 15 amp outlet.

• 15A-125V 5-15R

• Made of thermoplastic material

• Tamper-resistant receptacle improves child safety – built-in shutter prevents
access by most non-rated/foreign objects

• Optional grounding with self-grounding clip or green terminal screw

• Break-off tabs for easy two-circuit conversion

• Rear Push-In & Side Wired

• Push-in #14 AWG Cu solid wire for 15A branch circuit only

• Removable yoke tabs for ideal alignment

• Terminal screws backed out ready for wiring

• Combination Slot/Phillips head mounting and terminal screws ease

• Heavy-duty impact resistant thermoplastic construction for long service life in
commercial applications

• Back wiring terminals accept both solid and stranded wire to ease installation

• 2-year warranty

• Model Number: 61501-TR